The services of UNC Police include enhanced customer service, reduction of crime, and the improvement of the quality of life for students, faculty and staff at UNC. Community Oriented Policing is a collaborative effort between the members of the department and those in the University community to develop solutions to problems and increase trust in the police. The following are some of the programs available through the police department.

Campus Safety 101

This short instructional video helps inform students of the small steps they can take to help make campus a safer place. Topics covered in the video include theft prevention, campus violence, sexual assault prevention, computer safety, personal safety and drug and alcohol awareness.

Citizens Police Academy

UNC Police Department strives to build lasting relationships with the UNC Community which includes faculty, staff and students. We know that at times that there has been uncertainty and uneasiness when citizens deal with law enforcement not only locally but nationwide. It is important that we create a natural environment that our community feels comfortable asking questions and learning about law enforcement. For these reasons, the UNC Police Department has established a Community Police Academy (CPA).

Community Safety Partnership

This program provides the UNC Community with information on how to report suspicious conditions and unsafe conditions in the campus community and around Chapel Hill. This program is done in conjunction with the Chapel Hill Police Department. It encourages individuals to use their cell phone or blue call boxes when they see these types of conditions.

Fatal Vision Goggles (Alcohol Awareness Education)

“A sobering view of what impairment can do.” This is a hand’s on prevention tool used to educate people of all ages about the consequences of alcohol misuse and abuse. Fatal Vision Goggles use special lens technology that allows wearers to experience realistic simulation impairment. This program can be done with an adult tricycle, officers conducting field sobriety test or gaming tournaments such as Mario Cart while wearing the goggles.

Flash Point – Recognizing & Preventing Violence On Campus

A video presentation provides students and/or staff with important information to help them recognize any behaviors of concerns that they may encounter and to help them understand the importance of early action before an act of violence occurs. This program also includes a question and answer at the conclusion of the video.

Interpersonal Relationship Violence

This program educates the University community about resources that they have available if they were to experience any behavior in an intimate relationship that causes physical or psychological harm in any relationship they may have. Often this program is done as an intro to self-defense class that includes a classroom portion and some

Larceny Reduction & Engraving

The number one crime on college campuses is larceny. This program informs student about documenting serial numbers, identity theft and provides tips on how to prevent property from being stolen. Engraving of laptops and other electronics is also incorporated into this program.

Moped Safety Presentation

This presentation teaches the UNC Community about the laws pertaining to the ownership of a Moped. The importance of using the proper safety equipment when operating a moped and the laws and University Ordinances that apply to the operation of a moped.

R.A.D (Rape Aggression Defense – Women Only)

The R.A.D. system is a comprehensive women’s only course of instruction on self defense training. This system develops and enhances the options of self defense, so such options become viable considerations to women who might be attacked. Some of the topics covered include drinking, federal and state crimes dealing with sexual motive, university policies dealing with interpersonal relationship violence, drinking and workplace violence, University and community resources, consent and what it is and environmental security.

LiveSafe App

This is a free downloadable app that allows individuals to create a profile that pops up when they call 911. They can even enter information about allergies, medical conditions and any type of medication they may be taking. It also allows them to set a timer feature that they can activate when commuting around campus. If the timer is not deactivated and police are entered as their guardian then an officer is sent to locate the individual to check on their well-being.

Reportit lets you securely store serial numbers, items descriptions, pictures and scans of receipts so that your items may be more easily identified in the event of theft or loss. Keep a secure, online record of valuable property, accessible from anywhere.

Shots Fired On Campus

A video presentation and question and answer session that educates faculty, staff and students on what to do if an active shooter is in your area on campus or in your office, and how to identify the warning signs. The key to survival is a proper mindset and related awareness and tools enabling you to act with purpose and to take control… You can Survive!

Watch For Me NC

Each year, more than 2,400 pedestrians and 960 bicyclists are hit by cars on North Carolina Streets. Watch for Me NC is a comprehensive program, run by the North Carolina Department of Transportation (NCDOT) in partnership with local communities, aimed at reducing the number of pedestrians and bicyclists hit and injured in crashes with vehicles.