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Campus Security Authority Designees:

Nothing is more important than protecting the health and safety of everyone in our campus community. Under federal law, Carolina – like all colleges and universities across the country – is required to report statistics concerning certain criminal offenses that have been reported to local law enforcement or any official of the University who is defined as a Campus Security Authority (CSA).

That’s why I am writing to you. In your position at Carolina, you have been designated a Campus Security Authority (CSA): someone with significant responsibility for student and campus activities, such as student housing, student discipline and campus judicial proceedings, among other activities. In this position, you have a vital role in the University’s compliance with the federal law known as the Jeanne Clery Disclosure of Campus Security Policy and Campus Crime Statistics Act.

As a CSA, your responsibility is to immediately notify UNC Police when you observe or receive a report of a Clery Act crime, even if you are not sure whether it poses an ongoing threat to our campus community. It is very important that you contact UNC Police as soon as you are aware that a Clery Act crime has occurred. We are required to disclose statistics for specific offenses that occur on campus, in non-campus buildings or on non-campus property that the University owns or controls, and on public property that is within or immediately adjacent to our campus.

To help you understand your responsibilities and which crimes fall under the Clery Act, the University has developed a concise online PowerPoint training program that you can access from Because this training is required for everyone who has been designated a CSA, I ask that you complete the training as soon as possible. If you have specific questions, you can also contact your department’s HR representative or UNC Police’s Clery Specialist at 919-962-3534.

Our Alert Carolina System Protocols, which outline the ways the University will notify the campus about a health or safety issue, also include information about the crimes that fall under the Clery Act. That information is posted on the Alert Carolina website,

As a CSA you are also considered to be Responsible Employee (RE) for purposes related to specific conduct prohibited by the University. You will receive additional notification and information relating to RE training from the Equal Opportunity Compliance Office.

Thank you for undertaking this important role at the University. Your efforts will be instrumental in helping our campus remain safe for everyone who comes to Carolina.


Chief Jeff B. McCracken
UNC Police