Tailgating before the game is a great gameday tradition at Carolina — a time for family, friends, and alumni to gather, socialize and celebrate Carolina football. UNC Police, along with staff from UNC Transportation and Parking, Environment, Health and Safety and Carolina Athletics, are proud to support this Carolina tradition, while ensuring safe and responsible tailgating.

Before you head off to root for the Tar Heels, take our crash course on tailgating safety:


While propane gas and charcoal grills are permitted at outdoor tailgates on UNC’s campus, all grills must be equipped with a lid. Fire extinguishers should be a part of every tailgate. Be aware of your environment and make sure your grill isn’t too close to your vehicle or any other object and does not impede travel lanes. Make sure you completely put out the fire in your charcoal grill before you head to the game! To properly extinguish charcoal, pour water on the coals until they are no longer hot. If you are using a propane grill, make sure tank valves are shut off prior to disconnecting your propane cylinders. Don’t forget that propane cylinders need to be removed from all grills prior to storage.


While adults 21 and older may enjoy single-serve containers of beer and wine while tailgating in designated locations, we ask that you avoid using glass containers. Additionally, alcoholic beverages such as fortified wine, spirituous liquor or mixed beverages are prohibited at athletic events per North Carolina statute. UNC expects fans to avoid instances of public intoxication, disorderly conduct and underage drinking. On game days, UNC will focus its enforcement resources to prevent and deter high-risk problem behaviors. For more information, refer to the UNC Alcohol Policy and applicable Town Ordinances (Sec. 3-3) and state statutes [G.S. 18B-301(f)(4)].

Tailgate Timing

Designated parking lots will open at 8 a.m. on weekend gamedays for tailgating. Be a considerate tailgater and don’t take over other parking spaces. When the game is over, UNC Police asks that our fans clear out the parking lots in a timely manner for the safety of everyone.

UNC Police encourages everyone to join us in cultivating a safe, lively, and enjoyable tailgating atmosphere. Be responsible when showing your Tar Heel pride and help make the day more fun for everyone. Partner with the University: if you witness behavior on campus or in Kenan Stadium which may be dangerous or is disruptive to the enjoyment of the game environment, please report it to an on-duty UNC Police officer or stadium official.

Visit raiseupcarolina.com for more information on Carolina Gameday.

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