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CrimeStoppers Inc. operates in and around the Chapel Hill, Carrboro and UNC area to help identify, prevent, solve and reduce crime. This invaluable community service enables anyone with details of criminal activity to pass them on anonymously, without fear of exposure or retribution.

Every call is treated with absolute anonymity so that nobody will know the identity of the caller, except you, the caller. Rewards are also available and are paid without compromising a caller’s anonymity.

CrimeStoppers Inc. was set up in 1993 to break the wall of silence that surrounds most crime and that criminals exploit to avoid arrest. The anonymous number provided a lifeline to people who had information that they wanted to share but felt at risk from retribution.

The 919-942-7515 number ensures that no one need ever know who you are when you call. You will not be asked your name, your call will not be traced or recorded and you do not have to give a statement or go to court.

It’s a simple, secure service that allows us to put the police in the picture, without anyone knowing who provided the information that puts criminals to justice. Working in this way we have created a highly effective system built on integrity and trust that works for everyone – except criminals.

We are a non-profit organization which is solely dependent on contributions to cover costs and to cover caller rewards. We are a volunteer organization and have no administrative cost.

Without the continued support from private community and businesses, CrimeStoppers simply could not exist. You may help us in our fight against crime by making a contribution to CrimeStoppers at the above address.

P.O. Box 1076
Carrboro, N.C. 27510

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