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Voting to help name the therapy dog has been extended through Wednesday, Feb. 28! The winning name will be announced on Friday, Mar. 1.

UNC Police is eagerly anticipating the arrival of its newest member – a therapy dog. This upcoming addition, yet to be named, marks the beginning of a pet therapy program initiated by the department. “We’re incorporating a pet therapy program within the department to promote overall wellness campuswide,“ explains Community Services Officer Destiny Wylie. “We’re confident the therapy dog will foster stronger connections and collaborations between UNC Police and the Carolina community.”

Name the Therapy Dog!
UNC Police therapy dog.
UNC Police invite the Carolina community to help name the new therapy dog.

Chosen for its temperament and physical characteristics ideally suited for this role, the UNC Police therapy dog is a standard F1B Goldendoodle. Wylie elaborates on the extensive research supporting the efficacy of this breed. “Our therapy dog, 75% poodle and 25% golden retriever, is hypoallergenic and genetically predisposed to minimal shedding.”

Upon joining UNC Police, the unnamed puppy will begin pet therapy certification, which involves training in obedience and specialized techniques associated with therapy work. She will perform her assigned duties and remain in the care of her designated handler at all times, even during off-duty hours.

Before she officially joins the University, UNC Police is inviting the Carolina community to help name the new therapy dog. The department has curated a list of names inspired by four distinguished UNC-Chapel Hill alumnae. Voting is open through Wednesday, Feb. 28 and the winning name will be announced on Friday, Mar. 1.

“We’ll be documenting her progress and update our followers when she’ll make her first campus appearance,” says Wylie. “We look forward to embarking on this new endeavor with the Carolina community.”

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