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In an emergency, call 911 immediately from a campus phone or your cell phone. Do not attempt to send a text to 911. Our 911 operators will assist you and send appropriate emergency responders if needed.

Call 911 if you see anything that needs an immediate police, fire or emergency response.

  • A suspicious person or someone posing a threat
  • Any display of a weapon
  • Any threats to harm one’s self or others
  • Assault or immediate danger of an assault
  • Chemical spills
  • Explosions
  • Fires
  • Severe injuries, illnesses or someone choking or drowning
  • Suspicious object or package
  • Unusual odors
  • Other crimes in progress

Every second counts. When you dial 911 from a UNC phone or Emergency Call Box, the call goes directly to UNC Police for immediate response from campus and coordination with other authorities.