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For a more comprehensive listing of benefits, see the Human Resources Benefits site.

UNC Police participates in the NC Career Banding program. As such, officers are paid based on their competencies for the role they are working in at the University. Advancement within the Police Officer role is automatic upon obtaining the required competencies.


  • $45,172 (while in BLET)
  • $48,675 (Less than 3 years of experience)
  • $53,791 (3 to 6 years of experience)
  • $57,252 (Over 7 years of experience)

Additional information on Salary Banding

UNC Police officers have the opportunity to work a large variety of special events such as ball games, dances, performing arts events, and mutual aid for extra pay. This is usually one and half times their hourly rate.


Vacation is earned based on total length of service. New officers earn 9 hours 20 minutes a month. Additional vacation time is earned at 10, 15, 20, and 25 years of service.


Sick time is earned at a rate of 8 hours a month. Sick time will accrue if not used and can be used to advance retirement date.

Community Service

Officers are allowed 24 hours a year that can be used for community service. This includes but not limited to tutoring a child, service to a volunteer organization, and chaperoning your child’s field trip.

Civil Leave

Civil leave can be used when an individual has jury duty or has been subpoenaed to court. When the employee is absent from work they will be paid and will not be required to take time off (i.e. vacation, comp. time, etc.)

Holiday Pay

Due to the nature of a police officer’s schedule, there will be times when holiday pay is applied. When an officer works during a university holiday, they will receive eight hours of holiday time and one half the employee’s regular rate (i.e. officer will be paid at time and a half for hours worked on the holiday).

Workers Compensation

The workers compensation program provides benefits to any employee who suffers a disability through accident or occupational disease, which arises out of, and in the course of their employment with the University. The University is governed under the North Carolina Worker’s Compensation Act.

UNC Police Officers currently work permanent 12 hour day or night shifts. This schedule consists of 3 on, 2 off, 2 on, 3 off.

Officers working night shift get a 10% shift differential.

The department furnishes an officer’s uniform, weapon, and duty leather gear. Items are periodically replaced as needed.

Tuition Assistance

Employees are allowed to take one class a semester, on duty, tuition free. An employee can take up to three classes a year.

Educational Assistance Program

A department can reimburse an employee up to $500 per fiscal year for course work considered beneficial to both employee and the university, that will enhance the employee’s knowledge or skill in an area directly related to their current job classification or job progression. Employee may also qualify for textbook assistance up to $100 dollars per year.

Undergraduate Scholarship Program

Scholarship available to all permanent SPA/EPA non faculty employees working full time or part time with a minimum of one year continuous service. The employee’s spouse and/or dependent of eligible employee can also apply for this benefit.
The scholarship provides financial assistance to all persons eligible, who are pursuing an undergraduate degree at UNC-CH. It covers in-state tuition and required fees for the courses. Scholarships are awarded based on financial need.

UNC Human Resources

UNC Human Resources offers a variety of programs that can assist in the development of an employee on a personal and professional level. This training encompasses the following areas: career development, financial planning, HR Policies, interpersonal competencies, management and supervisory competencies, office skill improvements, and wellness involving work and family.

UNC ITS Department offers approximately 500 online courses on computer software that are available to take for free by employees.

In-Service Annual Training

All officers are required to complete 48 hours of annual in-service training. The North Carolina Justice Commission requires only 24 hours of annual in-service training by all certified law enforcement officers.

Additional Training

During the officer’s probationary period, the officer is required to attend Introduction to Community Oriented Policing, Applied Problem Solving for Community Police Officers and Basic Spanish for Law Enforcement Officers.

Career Development

The Career Development Program is designed to develop, and improve the level of professional skills, knowledge and abilities of all personnel, to highlight specific opportunities for individual growth and development, and to improve overall levels of individual job performance and satisfaction.

Medical Coverage

Comprehensive major medical coverage is provided for the individual employee. Spouse and dependant coverage can be obtained for an additional premium.

Dental Coverage

Full premium is paid for by employee for self, spouse and child coverage, however there are several plans to choose from when making this decision.

Vision Coverage

Full premium is paid for by employee for self, spouse and child coverage, however there are several plans to choose from when making this decision.

Life Insurance

All employees can purchase additional group term life insurance, for themselves, spouses, domestic partners and/or dependent children.

NC Health Care Flexible Spending Accounts

Health Care Plus – Supplemental Medical Plan
Premiums for this plan are paid solely through the employee’s contribution as a pre-tax payroll deduction. Provides supplemental medical coverage for physician’s office visits & inpatient hospital stays.
Cancer Insurance
Premiums for this plan are paid solely through employee contribution as a pre-tax payroll deduction. This insurance plan provides benefits to pay for expenses related to cancer and 29 other specified diseases.
Dependent Day Care Flexible Spending Account
The dependent day care flexible spending account offers tax free reimbursement for child care and adult day care expenses.
Health Care Flexible Spending Account
This is a pre-tax benefit for reimbursing employees for out of pocket medical expenses. This reimbursement amount is based solely on the employees contributions to the spending account.
Life Insurance
All employees can purchase additional group term life insurance, for themselves, spouses, domestic partners and/or dependent children.
Voluntary Accidental Death & Dismemberment
This insurance program provides a benefit if you, your, spouse, or dependent suffers a debilitating injury or loss due to a covered accident. Premiums are paid solely through employee contributions as a pre-tax payroll deduction.

Credit Union

Employees and their families are eligible for services at the State Employees Credit Union.

Teachers and State Employees Retirement Plan

Max employee contribution is 6% per year. Under a defined benefit plan, the benefit you receive at retirement is determined based on a benefit formula. The formula determines the amount of your benefit based on your highest four consecutive years of salary, age, and years of service.

Supplemental Retirement Plans

All officers participate in the Supplemental Retirement Income Plan of NC – 401(K). The university contributes at least 5% of the officer’s yearly salary. There are also other deferred savings plans available such as 403(B) & 457.

UNC employees can purchase gym and pool privileges at a nominal fee. The HEELS employee fitness program offers employee group exercise classes, intramural sports league play, an expedition challenge course program and other fitness services. These services include fitness orientations, fitness check ups, fitness consultations and personal training sessions.

Permanent employees of UNC-CH are eligible to participate in the discount program. The program includes discounts on apartments, arts & entertainment, car rentals, electronics, wireless phone services, hair skin and beauty, hotel, travel and several others.

State Employee Incentive Bonus Program
Program encourages employees to submit their suggestions and ideas for an impartial review and evaluation, so that meritorious suggestions may be recognized and rewarded appropriately. Depending on whether the suggestion results in monetary savings will determine the type of reward given.
Star Heels Award Program
The program provides awards to individual departments in order to recognize and reward excellent employees. Under this program, departments are given flexibility to chose award criteria.
Service Appreciation Award
Awards are handed out annually as an employee reaches their 5, 10, 15, 20, 25 and 30-year milestone for state service.
Chancellor’s Award Program
University employees are chosen for this award based on meritorious or distinguished accomplishments in the categories of devotion to duty, innovations, public service, safety/heroism, human relations and other achievements.