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Fire Alarm Systems

All residence halls are equipped with an automatic fire alarm system. These systems continuously monitor all building smoke detectors and heat detectors for hazardous conditions. Campus fire alarm systems immediately notify UNC Police in the event of an emergency. UNC Police, in turn, request a fire department dispatch. Each time a fire alarm is activated, all residents are required to evacuate. For students with a physical disability, please visit the Carolina Housing Fire Safety and Protocol webpage for more information on evacuations. Post-evacuation, a resident advisor or community director fills out a report and sends it to the Housing office for recordkeeping. Students are also able to activate manual pull stations in case of emergency. Pull station activations will trigger the fire alarms in the building and will also automatically contact 911.

Fire Sprinkler Systems

All residence halls are protected by automatic fire sprinkler systems. These systems automatically release water to suppress fires when fire sprinkler heads detect temperatures above a threshold. Once activated, the fire sprinkler system also activates the building fire alarm system and requests a response from the fire department.

Range Hood Fire Protection Systems

All range hoods (“stove hoods”) located in communal kitchens are protected by a chemical fire protection system that is designed to extinguish grease and other cooking fires. Once activated, the range hood fire protection system also activates the building fire alarm system and requests a response from the fire department.

Plans for Future Improvements in Fire Safety

The University assesses fire safety equipment on an ongoing basis to determine if any improvements are necessary. Currently, the institution does have improvements scheduled for fire safety. Barring any unforeseen circumstances updates will include:

  • The University has begun installation for the new Campus Central Alarm Network Replacement and will begin testing.
  • Four University residence halls received fire alarm system upgrades in the summer of 2023. These include Manly, Mangum, Thomas Ruffin Jr. and Grimes.
  • Alderman, Kenan, McIver and Spencer residence halls will receive sprinkler head replacements summer of 2023.
  • Housing and Life Safety technicians are evaluating all buildings containing the upcoming obsolete EST3 fire alarm panel and will develop a plan for upgrades.